We Need to Unify

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If there is one thing that still resonates from September 11, it is the fear that we all felt, and the hope that we could pull together to fight this fear. The unity we all felt was unbelievable. We had … Continued

Evidence is Critical to Survival

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We are continuing our fight against the COVID 19 virus, but evidence from science continues to be questioned, when on the contrary, the real problem is not the science, but the acceptance of the science by people in our country … Continued

Schools Are Losing Students

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As the pandemic took hold, more than 1 million children did not enroll in local schools. Many of them were the most vulnerable: 5-year-olds in low-income neighborhoods. New York Times, August 7, 2021 The Pandemic’s toll is vast. The closing … Continued

Who Wants to Start a School?

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Whenever some teacher approaches me to ask about starting a school, I always ask them three questions: Who Wants to Start A School? Most educators have had the thought about starting a school. This may have started as a frustration … Continued

Venice Comes to the Center For Creative Education

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Introduction The Center for Creative Education in Palm Beach County provides arts integration programs to K-2 students. The Center structures its school support by pairing teaching artists who partner with regular classroom teachers to deliver the creative arts integration. The … Continued

Teaching and Learning; Performance Assessment Drives Better Thinking

Factory-Model Schooling One of the ways in which we think about teaching and learning is to ask what do we want our students to learn. Although this is a great question, the answers that teachers and schools choose often lead … Continued

Kentucky Arts Alliance Keynote Address

Introduction Last week I was in Kentucky to speak about the role of arts education to members of the Kentucky Arts Alliance. I want to include some of the power point presentation I made to them. I started out talking … Continued