SchoolWorks Lab’s “EduCrate” Could Help Haiti

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Even before the earthquake, In 2009, Hope for Haiti built a five classroom school for the community of Grand Sable. The new Ecole du St. Espirit provides free education to 150 impoverished children. Although the new school has increased enrollment by nearly fivefold, over 100 children were not able to attend the school once it reached full capacity. In order to provide an education to these children an additional five classrooms will be added to the school accommodating 300 children in total. Support a child’s education by contributing to Hope for Haiti!. The SchoolWorks Lab invented EduCrate to help countries like Haiti. We are a mission-driven, caring organization whose primary concern is restoring education hope. We want to get educationally displaced children back into safe, comfortable, and appropriate learning environments – as quickly as possible, and we are ready to partner with organizations around the world to accomplish this goal.

The Power of Learning

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Jesús is a third grade student in Bronx, NY. Jesús is quiet, lives with 10 brothers and sisters in two rooms and does not do well on his first standardized tests in an American elementary school. His school teacher vies for his attention and over the course of a year convinces him that he is smart. This teacher’s assessment launches Jesús on an upward trajectory of learning by alerting his mind to its own naturally developing powers. These powers are a quantum leap above the rote-memorizing and mind-numbing low-level of standardized, pre-packaged and teacher-proof curriculum he has encountered.

“I think all children are incredible learners,” says Rob Southworth, inventor of the portable classroom called EduCrate. “I have dedicated my life’s work to helping create circumstances where children can learn. When we create or restore learning environments that support success for every student, we are harnessing the power of learning to improve our world. EduCrate is one way that we can help make this possible for every child, in any circumstance. We must give them the power to learn and the power to make our world a better place.” (February 13, 2007).