Positive Learning Environments

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On April 6, 2022, the House Labor, Health and Human Services committee heard testimony from Dr. Linda Darling-Hammond entitled, “Social and Emotional Learning and Whole Child Approaches in K-12 Education.” The science of learning in the last ten years has … Continued

New Classroom Procedures

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How might we envision new classroom procedures that attend to the latest research findings? Without getting bogged down in the research, let’s sketch out what classrooms might look like. Adapting to—and Implementing With—Student Learning Teachers are quite successful when they … Continued

Improving Teaching Conditions

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Teachers and students are back in K-12 schools but the negative effects of the pandemic on schools are just beginning to be documented. We generally know that less students showed up to schools, less teachers renewed their contracts, and less … Continued

Policy Change in Assessments

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There are new grants from the Education Department called Competitive Grants for State Assessments. These grants are part of a larger thought that we need to re-design the type of assessments we use in schools and the use we put … Continued

Narrowing the Curriculum

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The New Hampshire Commissioner of Education, Frank Edelblut, has proposed to narrow the State’s curriculum in order to allow teachers to focus on the core domains. Included in the core are English, Math, Science and Social Studies. The biggest change … Continued

Who Is Thinking About the Students?

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Education Stops for War As the Russian war of aggression continues, my thoughts turn to students who are displaced by the war, the teachers and schools that have experienced this chaos, and the parents who must turn to picking up … Continued

Did the Pandemic Increase Teacher Shortages?

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Teacher Shortages Media coverage of American K-12 teacher shortages have appeared regularly over the last ten years. The reasons for this decade-long decline involve a set of policies that are not always aligned across states, but the Pandemic has contributed … Continued