How Can School Leaders Create More Opportunities for Arts Education?

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Lots of school leaders are interested in the use of arts in their school. When asked for ideas about how they can make better use of the arts, some have turned to the Arts Education Partnership document, What School Leaders Can Do To Increase the Arts (2011). For example,

Strategies School Leaders Can Use to Increase Arts Education

A. Establish a School-Wide Commitment to Arts Learning

1. Articulate clear goals 2. Identify the arts in the budget 3. Explore multiple approaches 4. Make arts learning visible 5. Engage parents

B. Create an Arts-Rich Learning Environment

1. Bring the arts into daily instruction 2. Provide arts-based professional development 3. Support a school-wide arts learning community 4. Incorporate the arts into staffing and hiring decisions 5. Involve the local arts community

C. Rethink the Use of Time and Resources

1. Reallocate resources 2. Tap Title I and Title II funds 3. Adjust schedules and repurpose space 4. Use after-school time 5. Build community resources (Executive Summary; What School Leaders Can Do To Increase the Arts (2011).

Endorsed by the President’s Committee on the Arts and U.S. Department of Education, Arts Education Partnership is administered by the Council of Chief State School Officers and the National Assembly of State Arts Agencies.