Opal School

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Today is a short blog and highlights a model for elementary schools that others may want to investigate: The Opal School is partnered with a museum and the learning stance, which you will see in the videos, places children’s inquiry at the center of their learning.

“Opal School is grounded in the belief that education opens opportunities for all children to participate fully in creating and shaping their own lives and to contribute fully to the quality of life around them. We value the creativity, interests, ideas and questions of the children and adults at our school. We practice listening, observing, inquiring, staying attentive, and reflecting together with children and families. We invite our families to listen, share and learn with us. We value the role of the arts and sciences as languages for thinking, expressing ideas, and communicating stories. We are committed to working in partnership with our families and children to provide a rich and joyful childhood. We embrace the contributions of our vibrant community of learners! “

Take a look if you have some time: The Opal School