2014’s Most Popular AERA Research Articles

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Most-Read AERA Journal Articles of 2014
Research on value-added models, community colleges, instructional practices, MOOCs, and more appeared in the 10 most popular journal articles published by American Educational Research Association in 2014. Based on the number of times they were accessed online, the following were the most popular AERA research articles published in 2014.

(Full articles can be accessed at no cost through the links below. All files are PDF.)

Arts Based Education Research

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This is the list posted on the ABER website, A special interest group in the American Education Research Association AERA…and it is very useful! Thank you ABER!

ABER Resources

Please contact us if you know of other resources that can be added to this working list.

WebsitesA/r/tography website: http://m1.cust.educ.ubc.ca:16080/artography
International Society for Education through Art: http://www.InSEA.org/

Centre for Arts-informed Research: http://www.utoronto.ca/CAIR/airchome3.html

Arts Based Educational Research SIG: http://www.abersig.com/

The Image and Identity Research Collective: http://iirc.mcgill.ca/