NSA Lags Behind Knewton in Collecting Data on Children?

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Remember how the government is all upset about Edward Snowden releasing information about them spying on the public? Well it turns out that this story line is a little more complicated. Since this is an education blog I will not divert into the Snowden stuff too far, but, it has come to my attention that whatever the NSA is doing, it may be far less than some others.


What? Yes, the first thing pointed out to me was that Google had invented, long ago, a system to data mine your email. This allows incursion into your mail analyzes it for the meaning you are making, and connects that analysis with sellers who want to advertise. Example, you say you want to play golf, and up pops the ad the the right of your email, about golf. Remember how we all thought it would be too much data for the NSA to analyze in real time? Well, Google can do it now as you write your email.