In the Confusion of 911, We Stay Together

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This posting day is always bittersweet for me. This day of hardship for many was a day of celebration for me, and today it is the 20th anniversary of our marriage. Yes, Linda and I married on this day in 1994 seven years before there was any trouble in 2001!

On this day in 2001 my wife was teaching third grade in the Bronx and I was writing my research at home on the upper west side. The tv was on and I saw the station break in to announce that the first plane had hit. I called Linda’s school and they said all was fine. When the next plane hit, I called again and on the landline (old fashioned phone) was able to speak with her. She told me that she would supervise pick up of all kids and that she and three other teachers would walk across the bridge to Manhattan. I told her I would drive up 3rd Avenue and pick her up. She was about 8 miles away from me.