Interdisciplinary Collaboration

I was asked the other day why a school had changed its reputation from a scholastic school to a school that takes care of special education students. I was momentarily taken aback, as the school in question continues to have fine academic standards and has seen an increase in providing accommodations for special education students. This question made me think about the interdisciplinary potential between classroom teachers and others such as special education teachers. The potential power of interdisciplinary work at all levels could be a game-changer, e.g., in the classroom between two classroom subjects, in the child’s mind gathering information from multiples sources, and in professional contexts such as education and health care. The need for educators to draw upon other disciplines of knowledge could be a key to the improvement of modern schooling.

Health Care and Education

I recently ran into a doctor at Tufts Floating Hospital who regularly crosses the disciplinary divide between education and health care: