Special Education Needs a Radical Reform

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Chester Finn, a past Secretary of Education in President Reagan’s cabinet, has made such a clear statement on special education that I wanted to make it widely available on my site. I echo his words here not just because the special education system is ineffective but also because my three kids have suffered from a well-intentioned federal program that does not work for them. We have, quite literally, thousands of emails, hundreds of letters and lots of time devoted to advocating for the best education our children can get, but the system set up to help us and them achieve this quality, is broken. We are now getting more help from a new school system who has the resources and knowledge we need, but even this great help is a brand new program with issues to work out. We have written to every level of the educational system, from principals to superintendents, from state directors to federal authorities, in our search for reform, and we have not found it. Chester Finn’s statement below is just the tip of the special education iceberg, where the progress we have made in schools over four decades is threatened by the antiquated policy for children with disabilities. So one place to start is some economic funding suggestions included below: