Arts, Data, Research and Knowledge

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The Arts The arts are a creativity generator. They open up children’s minds and help engage them in producing academic product that is more interesting and more explanatory of the content and skills they are learning. The arts are also … Continued

Student-Centered Learning

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There are many efforts underway in the United States to emphasize a type of teaching and learning method that is called “Student-Centered.” From Students at The Center, Jobs for the Future, and Nellie Mae Education Foundation., this focus tries to manage research findings into accessible ideas for practice.

The Students at the Center Hub supports student-centered approaches to learning, drawn from the mind/brain sciences, learning theory, and research on youth development. The Students at the Center Hub is managed by Jobs for the Future and generously funded by theNellie Mae Education Foundation. The Hub is in beta, and we are working hard to polish everything – the content, the navigation, the layout, and more. Please contact us with feedback and suggestions.

One of the movements in education today is the blending of different resources into central focus ideas so that the field of teachers can grab these ideas and make them happen in real classrooms, right away. “Student-centered learning does not represent a single curriculum, model, or practice. Rather, it draws on a variety of concepts in education, the brain sciences, and the child and youth development fields, comprising those instructional practices that engage individuals in learning deeply and reaching their highest potential” (Nellie Mae Foundation). Nellie Mae has identified four tenets of student-centered learning: