Venice Comes to the Center For Creative Education

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Introduction The Center for Creative Education in Palm Beach County provides arts integration programs to K-2 students. The Center structures its school support by pairing teaching artists who partner with regular classroom teachers to deliver the creative arts integration. The … Continued

Call to Boycott Flawed NY State Tests

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Liz Hallmark writes in the Democrat and Chronicle recently (Feb. 5, 2015) about, Gov. Cuomo’s call to increase the use of student tests in teacher evaluations. I commend her article to you. In “Passing the Tests” she writes about the over use of tests, the proper use of tests, and the need to join networks that support a better conversation about tests.

Bill Cala, interim Superintendent of Fairport, recently challenged Governor Cuomo’s call to increase the use of student test scores in teacher evaluations.

The use of tests to measure student learning has been fluctuating for many years in New York State. This is a result of the Common Core curriculum implementation without proper professional development for teachers and without proper pilot testing of state tests associated with the Common Core.

Tests should be useful. The best ones are those that can diagnose what students have or have not learned from class. Results from well-designed tests allow teachers to customize and target their teaching rather than constrict it toward further uniformity (Democrat and Chronicle).