SchoolWorks Lab’s “EduCrate” Could Help Haiti

Even before the earthquake, in 2009, Hope for Haiti built a five classroom school for the community of Grand Sable. The new Ecole du St. Espirit provides free education to 150 impoverished children. Although the new school has increased enrollment by nearly fivefold, over 100 children were not able to attend the school once it reached full capacity. In order to provide an education to these children an additional five classrooms will be added to the school accommodating 300 children in total. Support a child’s education by contributing to Hope for Haiti! The SchoolWorks Lab invented EduCrate to help countries like Haiti. We are a mission-driven, caring organization whose primary concern is restoring education hope. We want to get educationally displaced children back into safe, comfortable, and appropriate learning environments–as quickly as possible, and we are ready to partner with organizations around the world to accomplish this goal.


Robert A. Southworth, Jr., Ed.D., President, TheSchoolWorks Lab, Inc., 12 1/2 Bedford Street, New York, NY 10014, 212-768-7800,

Hope for Haiti has been working with the administration of Ecole du St. Espirit de Grande Sable since 2006. At that time the small school in Grand-Sable, Ile-a-Vache provided preschool through second grade classes for 35 children whose families did not have the means to pay the costs associated with private or public education. Because there are no other schools in Grand Sable most children have to walk up to three hours a day to schools in other villages. Many of these children have poor attendance because they cannot make it to school on days when the weather is bad and they are unable to cross one of the many waterways on the island. Ecole du St. Espirit de Grande Sable was a one room school with a dirt floor, palm frond walls and a tin roof destroyed during the 2007 hurricane season.

Dr. Robert A. Southworth, Jr.

Dr. Robert A. Southworth, Jr.

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