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Helping to, “Raise the Bar”

The SchoolWorks Lab, Inc. has a significant role to play in helping the federal government “raise the bar” in achieving academic excellence, improving learning

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Community Schools Reform

As a seasoned researcher of K-12 public schools and someone dedicated to improving the quality, equity, and creativity in education, I wholeheartedly support the

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New Policies to Improve Equity

New policies can play a significant role in improving equity in education by addressing systemic disparities, providing equal opportunities, and promoting inclusive practices. Here

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Cultural Literacy Learning

After reading about E.D. Hirsch’s “Cultural Literacy” effect on several schools, I wondered out loud to the AI ChatGPT bot: “How does “Cultural Literacy”

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The SchoolWorks Lab EdSpeak: Measurng Merit

Measuring Merit

When Senior high school students receive their admissions letter, their merit is being evaluated. For all of these students, an admissions acceptance or non-acceptance

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The SchoolWorks Lab EdSpeak Add Happiness to Schools

Add Happiness to Schools

Over the last three years of the pandemic, schools have gone through major changes in how they deliver curriculum. From every student going home

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