The Future is Student-Centered Learning

The effects of racism are devastating to our country. All we can do is to acknowledge it, cry over it, and change it. It won’t go away soon, but it must be gone sooner than later. The needs of our young students are so much more important than the long-standing hate of racism. We are building new schools where the student is truly at the center of learning, where teachers are all around them guiding and following, and where their parents will be forever proud of their children’s accomplishments.


Student-centered learning is hands on, project based, creatively driven to achieve. Student-centered schools are filled with inquiry. Students drive through their learning projects by asking questions, comparing results, understanding content, setting up experiments, and thriving when assessed. When students explain to other students how they struggled to figure it out, then put it together, then came up with new ideas, that is pretty special.

The Future

When students can make a difference in their own learning process, they will own it. They will learn more and they will succeed. And this is what we can do to help them live in this world. We can give them a way to navigate any problem. Student-centered learning is the future because it transforms our schools into a place of equity and quality and serves as a model for what we want for our society.

Dr. Robert A. Southworth, Jr.

Dr. Robert A. Southworth, Jr.

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