Helping to, “Raise the Bar”

The SchoolWorks Lab, Inc. has a significant role to play in helping the federal government “raise the bar” in achieving academic excellence, improving learning conditions, and creating pathways for global engagement. Here are specific ways we can contribute to each of these focus areas:

  1. Achieving Academic Excellence:
    • Recovery of Lost Instructional Time: The SchoolWorks Lab can develop and offer specialized programs or resources to help schools and educators make up for lost instructional time. This could include accelerated learning programs, tutoring initiatives, and strategies for catching students up in literacy and math.
    • Emphasis on Literacy and Math Concepts: Our organization can collaborate with schools and districts to design and implement effective literacy and math programs. This might involve providing professional development for teachers, sharing best practices, or creating innovative curriculum materials.
    • Rigorous Learning Standards: SchoolWorks Lab can support schools in aligning their curriculum and instruction with rigorous learning standards. This could include curriculum audits, teacher training, and ongoing support to ensure standards are met.
    • Well-Rounded Learning Opportunities: Our non-profit can advocate for and facilitate access to well-rounded learning opportunities, including early childhood education, STEM programs, and the arts. This may involve partnering with schools, community organizations, and policymakers to expand access.
  2. Boldly Improving Learning Conditions:
    • Proactive Mental Health Supports: The SchoolWorks Lab can assist schools in implementing proactive mental health support programs. This could involve training educators and staff in recognizing and addressing mental health issues, promoting a positive school climate, and collaborating with local mental health professionals.
    • Inclusive and Supportive Environment: Our organization can work with schools to create inclusive and supportive environments by offering guidance on inclusive teaching practices, diversity, equity, and inclusion training, and promoting restorative justice practices.
    • Certified Teachers and Professional Learning: The SchoolWorks Lab can provide professional development opportunities for teachers and help schools recruit and retain certified teachers. This might involve mentorship programs, teacher training initiatives, and advocating for competitive salaries.
  3. Creating Pathways for Global Engagement:
    • Evolving P-12 Systems: Our organization can collaborate with schools and higher education institutions to create pathways to college and careers. This might include developing career readiness programs, supporting dual enrollment initiatives, and connecting students with workforce partners.
    • Multilingualism: The SchoolWorks Lab can advocate for and provide resources to promote multilingualism. This could include supporting language immersion programs, advocating for language education policies, and creating resources for teachers and students to learn new languages.
    • Global Competitiveness: Our non-profit can work with schools to prepare students for global competitiveness by fostering global awareness and cultural exchange programs. This could involve partnerships with international organizations and advocacy for global education.

By actively engaging with schools, districts, policymakers, and the community, The SchoolWorks Lab, Inc. can be a crucial partner in advancing these key focus areas outlined by the federal government’s “Raise the Bar: Lead the World” initiative. Our expertise in education and commitment to quality, equity, and creativity align well with these goals and can make a significant impact on the future of education in the United States.

Dr. Robert A. Southworth, Jr.

Dr. Robert A. Southworth, Jr.

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