Going to SCALE with New Teacher Assessments

One of the most exciting new developments in performance assessment is the new edTPA. This test for new teachers was developed at Stanford University by a group of educators who have lots of experience in making tests into performance assessments—where test takers are asked to demonstrate their understanding of the material, instead of guessing at multiple choice tests.

The Stanford Center for Assessment, Learning, and Equity (SCALE) has partnered with the American Association of Colleges of Teacher Education (AACTE) to develop and implement edTPA, a reliable and valid performance assessment system for enhancing the quality of teachers in the United States. edTPA is a pre-service teacher support and assessment system that is nationally available for states and teacher preparation programs for licensure, program renewal, and accreditation. An increasing demand for edTPA initiated an operational partnership between Stanford University and Evaluation Systems-NCS Pearson in March 2011. For a thorough description of edTPA design, development, and technical characteristics, see the 2013 Summary Report.(

I think it would be very important to check this assessment out and see if this would be a better way to hold teachers accountable for entering the profession well-prepared!

Dr. Robert A. Southworth, Jr.

Dr. Robert A. Southworth, Jr.

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