Arts Based Education Research

This is the list posted on the ABER website, A special interest group in the American Education Research Association AERA…and it is very useful! Thank you ABER!

ABER ResourcesPlease contact us if you know of other resources that can be added to this working list. 
WebsitesA/r/tography website: Society for Education through Art: for Arts-informed Research: Based Educational Research SIG: Image and Identity Research Collective:
On-line JournalsWorking papers in Art & Design:
Qualitative Inquiry:
Educational Insights:
Visual Culture and Gender: of Curriculum Theorizing:
Journal for Learning Through the Arts:
InterCulture: An Interdisciplinary Journal:
The International Journal of Education and the Arts:
Journal of Pedagogy, Pluralism and Practice:
Journal of Social Theory In Art Education:
Journal of the Canadian Association for Curriculum Studies:
Descant: A Journal of Arts and Letters:
Collaborative Arts: Conversations on Collaborative Arts Practices:
Creative Approaches to Research: of the Canadian Association for Curriculum Studies (JCACS):
Journal of Art for Life:
Journal of the American Association for the Advancement of Curriculum Studies (JAAACS):
International Journal of Education & the Arts (IJEA):
Learning Landscapes:
Journal for Artistic Research (JAR):
Print Journals Art Education. Kutztown, PA: National Art Education Association. (N1A43)Studies in Art Education. Washington, DC: National Art Education Association (N1.S89)Visual Arts Research. Champaign Ill. (N1. V47 A785):
Journal of Curriculum Studies:
Journal of Visual Culture:
Journal of Curriculum and Pedagogy:
International Journal of Education through Art:,id=121/
Journal of Aesthetic Education:
Visual Arts Research (VAR):
Dr. Robert A. Southworth, Jr.

Dr. Robert A. Southworth, Jr.

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