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A Better Education System

On April 9, 2020, the New York TImes published an editorial titled: “The America We Need.” The Editors pointed to an America that still

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Social Distancing

It is important today to acknowledge the spread of COVID-19 and its effect upon schools and families. Nothing like this has happened in modern

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Black Wall Street

One of the tough parts of Black History month is reviewing the damage that was done during the Tulsa Race Massacre. Starting on May

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Creative Education

If we think of how some of the classrooms function in our country, we notice the tension between individual vs. group learning. On the

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Children’s Needs

Whenever I think of children’s needs, I start with Maslow. In 1943 he ordered the needs from most motivational, such as the basic need

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Reading Together

Something has changed. Somehow the formula for succeeding in America shifted in ways that are easy to feel but hard to discern even for

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Opal School

Today is a short blog and highlights a model for elementary schools that others may want to investigate: The Opal School is partnered with a museum

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Reading to Our Children

The Data of Well-Being It is important to educators to understand the effect of our education process on our students. What does it mean

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Reading Intervention

One of the ongoing problems for young students is the acquisition of reading proficiency. A recent piece of research that might be helpful can

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Digital Literacy

Despite the emergence over the last twenty years of the computer and the access it gives us to the web, we are still not

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Unsheltered, Unwelcome

Last night on 60 Minutes, Seattle came into sharp focus on the rise in homelessness. We learned that homelessness is the general term, but to

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Equity and Learning

A recent episode of NOVA, “The Violence Paradox,” highlighted evidence of decreasing violence over the last seven centuries and yet, many communities in the United States,

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Mona Lisa

When I look at the Mona Lisa painting by Leonardo DaVinci, I see a slight smile. Not much. And if I look away and

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New Schools, New Designs

There are always people looking for new designs for schools. The charter school movement has taken new designs and funded them through new funding

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