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Unpacking the Dream

Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream that all men were created equal echoed the founding fathers of America. As opposed to the aristocracy of the

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Access and Equity

Authority The American system of education is not a national system of education, but rather, a local authority system of towns, regions and state

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NOLS Wilderness First Aid

My son and I spent two days at an Audubon Site in Massachusetts learning how to handle all kinds of backcountry health emergencies. This

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Happy Holidays to one and all! Heinrich Pestalozzi (1746 – 1827), a swiss educator who was influential in eradicating illiteracy, hardly gets any mention

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Early Arts Research

One of the first research reports on the arts in education was called, “Basic Abilities Required for Understanding and Creation in the Arts,” by

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Learning and the Brain

I went to this three-day conference over the weekend along with about a 1,000 teachers and 50 researchers. We were treated to a most

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Armistice Day

100 years ago, the Allies of World War I signed the agreement to accept the Surrender of the Germans and the cessation of hostilities

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Get Out and Vote

There is a clear link between education and voting and it is not the one you think. If anyone can vote and anyone can

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Birth of A Baby

Mother’s Milk It is hard to ignore the event of birth and its implications for children’s learning. In case this seems like a reach

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National Arts in Education Week

This past week was the National Arts in Education Week all across our country. I was in Indianapolis for the Arts Education Partnership annual convening where

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Teaching Artist Training

In order for teachers to learn how to use the arts in their classroom, proper teacher training programs must integrate the arts. There are

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Teachers and Learners

Horace Mann was appointed Secretary to the Massachusetts Board of Education in 1837. He argued for universal education and demonstrated how it would look

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