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Maryland’s Innovation

Today’s blog is very important for arts in education people. If the arts are to be taken seriously, we must join the mainstream reform

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Dear America

Dear America, I want to invite you into my home to play some games. Let’s start with Scrabble! Let’s place all the names of

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Creativity and Rigor

Defining creativity is like describing clouds….easier to talk about in general terms, impossible to nail down the specifics. I can always choose the scientific

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Arts Integration

Arts learning occurs throughout the K-12 school curriculum. Students experience multiple art forms when they take a music class, paint flowers, act in a

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Solving Problems

Solving problems drives good teaching and learning. Teachers use problem-solving to help students apply new knowledge. If the curriculum goal calls for learning the

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Memorial Day

This day is really about memorializing the past. It is a day of remembrance, of reflection, and of reconciliation. And it is a day

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Fuel in the Bus

Billionaire philanthropist Robert F. Smith woke up Morehouse grads by promising to pay off their student loans: “On behalf of the eight generations of

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Formative Assessment

Fundamental Insights This week I am giving the entire column over to The Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) who have put out

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True Accountability

Last night I heard another teacher share another disappointing story. Cindy, a Physical Education teacher in a high school was helping students prepare for

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Testing, Assessment, Outcomes

A continuing focus of my work is helping others understand the complexities of evaluating student learning by testing and assessment and determining the impact

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