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Diverse Audiences

One of the important education policy topics at the national level is the diversity of our nation. It seems obvious that we are diverse,

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Turnaround Arts

It seems easy to forget that many schools are improving every day. Sometimes the criticism of schools seems so intense that the documentation of

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Dear MLK

Dear MLK, We are at a cross-roads in America in which your dream is threatened. On this day, we need to remember the struggle of

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Teenage Tempest

I found myself driving through the Boston snow storm on Saturday night dragging three teenagers to Shakespeare’s “the Tempest.” The kids had asked me

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Collaboration in Teacher Teams

Just a short post, Happy Holidays to all Research: Collaboration Is Key for Teacher Quality By Michael Hart 07/06/15 Teachers get better when they work together.

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Models for Arts Integration

Models for Arts Integration There are many models for the use of the arts, and specifically, arts integration in public schools. Arts integration is

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Positive Educational Flow

I have been thinking about building schools and conditions for learning that have to do with optimizing student “flow.” This concept comes from Mihály Csíkszentmihályi who

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