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Pi Day

Today is 3/14/16 and when written 3.14 it becomes the start to Pi Day…the formula for finding the circumference of a circle. It could

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Oscars Rock Diversity

Last night, Chris Rock challenged the world-wide Oscar audience to give more opportunities to minority actors. The scandal he was addressing was the lack

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Trumpism and Education

In one of the more provocative articles recently published in the Wall Street Journal, Charles Murray (The Bell Curve, 1994; Coming Apart, 2012), argues that

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Climate Change in Education?

USA TODAY reports that: “In his first major speech, the acting U.S. Secretary of Education John King apologized to the nation’s teachers…teachers and principals, at times,

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Keep Moving Forward

Today is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, the 30th such federal holiday, and a time to reflect upon the state of the nation, the

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Killing Public Education?

Diane Ravitch quotes blogger Scott McLeod and I have reprinted it all for you here…check this out! What if there was a movement to kill

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If you think that the arts are good for you, for our children in schools, and for our humanity, then no need to read

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Paris at War

It is with so much sadness that I comment on the death and terror in Paris. In our world, the disenfranchised are often the

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