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SEL Progress?

Students go to school to learn how to read and do math. Schools of course offer many other subjects like art, social studies, science,

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Personal Learning

When you think back to the best type of learning experience you ever had, the name and face of that teacher usually come back

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The Science of Reading

Introduction: Since the beginning of educational pedagogy—the theories, methods, and practices of teaching and learning—reading has always been placed first in importance. As the

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The SchoolWorks Lab EdSpeak Let's Vote

Let’s Vote

I think we are on the verge of a very important election that seems to hold our current democracy in its hands. Normally, a

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Schools are Essential

One of the lessons we are learning from the pandemic is how much they are essential to our society here in America. Sending children

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The Passing of a Queen

On this unusual day of mourning for another country’s Queen, who ruled for 70 years, the tension between tradition and modernity naturally arises. Monarchy,

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The SchoolWorks Lab EdSpeeak: What is my anxiety plan?

What is My Anxiety Plan?

In Sunday’s New York TImes, writer Jessica Grose alerts us to a problem that many of us in education are already aware of: anxiety

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