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“It’s Just Too Much”

Three people died in a Houston Flea Market and a California church today. And yesterday, an 18-year old targeted a black neighborhood in Buffalo

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Positive Learning Environments

On April 6, 2022, the House Labor, Health and Human Services committee heard testimony from Dr. Linda Darling-Hammond entitled, “Social and Emotional Learning and

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New Classroom Procedures

How might we envision new classroom procedures that attend to the latest research findings? Without getting bogged down in the research, let’s sketch out

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Policy Change in Assessments

There are new grants from the Education Department called Competitive Grants for State Assessments. These grants are part of a larger thought that we need to

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Narrowing the Curriculum

The New Hampshire Commissioner of Education, Frank Edelblut, has proposed to narrow the State’s curriculum in order to allow teachers to focus on the

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What is Ignorance and Want?

Halfway through A Christmas Carol, Charles Dickens writes about the miserly Scrooge who is being visited by a second ghost of Christmas Present. The Spirit

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